Why It’s Time to Put Your ‘Phone to Bed’ So You Can Get a Good Night Sleep!

I see life and our overall wellbeing as a complex jigsaw puzzle and ‘stressed pieces’ don’t fit together. The key to ‘life’s puzzle’ is to find and fix our Emotional, Physical and Environmental stresses so our pieces can connect again. That’s why I say life is a journey filled with happiness when all our jigsaw pieces work together – The ‘Big 3’ Stress Solutions Puzzle...

Hi Everyone!

Do you have a mobile phone addiction which is affecting your sleep?

I never realised just how much my husband’s phone was stopping me from having a good night sleep. The stupid thing constantly ‘bings and dings’ with messages/updates from WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, and we can’t forget the good old days just normal SMSing… These notifications would constantly wake me as they went off all throughout the night because I’m a light sleeper.

So I asked myself if I’m having trouble sleeping then what can help me sleep at night? I concluded my husband’s phone needed a hammer to shut the stupid thing up! Realising I can’t take a hammer to his phone and smash it into a million pieces the way I would like too, a more practical solution needed to found! Ha ha ha

So, a few weeks ago, I said to my husband I’ve had enough of the phone constantly waking me up because it has been for over 15 years and I’m over it, I need to sleepwell! He understood I wasn’t joking. Maybe he was sick of me being cranky? Ha ha ha

My husband put his phone into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode with the exception certain people can call in the event of an emergency.  I too did this with my phone as well and it’s been the best thing we ever did! We put them into auto mode every night between 11pm and 7am and we don’t have to worry about it now. I never realised just how much my husband’s phone was impacting my sleep thus causing me stress because I was never feeling truly rested.

Finally! Finally! Finally! I had a good night sleep!  And even though I sleep light I’ve still been sleeping well ever since. Hooray! Getting a full night sleep is like all my Birthdays coming at once.



So what does the ‘Big 3’ Stress Solutions Puzzle look like when it comes to Why it’s time to put your ‘phone to bed’ so you can get a good night sleep?


We used to struggle with lack of sleep due to calls and messages at all hours of the night from our family/friends who are scattered all over the globe. Plus, my husband’s phone is going 24-7 with work stuff making it hard to sleep.

Both my husband and I agree putting our phones into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode has been one of the best things we ever did and he said he wished he did this years ago! We are both sleeping better and sleeping through the night! We ever realised just how much the phones were affecting our sleep. In fact, it was only last night I told him about this blog post and he said again ‘I can’t believe how much better I sleep now, I didn’t realise how much it was affecting my sleep!”….

Why do we need a good quality sleep? Because it’s imperative for our overall function. When we sleep our body recovers, rejuvenates and heals itself. This all reduces the ‘Big 3’ stressors because when we are less physically and environmentally stressed our emotional stress improves!

When we have a great night sleep we are able to think more clearly, therefore, we can solve problems and tackle daily life easier.

Remember my motto for positive change is ‘Little Puzzle Pieces Create a Big Picture’… So, put your phone in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and see how much better you will sleep. It’s been a huge help to me and hopefully, it will be to you too!

Until next time be thoughtful, be mindful, be present. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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