My Palm Reading – Who is Character 32? She’s a Woman Here to Help You!

I see life and our overall wellbeing as a complex jigsaw puzzle and ‘stressed pieces’ don’t fit together. The key to ‘life’s puzzle’ is to find and fix our Emotional, Physical and Environmental stresses so our pieces can connect again. That’s why I say life is a journey filled with happiness when all our jigsaw pieces work together – The ‘Big 3’ Stress Solutions Puzzle...


Hi I’m Character 32!

I’m blogging about my Palm Reading I had done on April 3rd in Adelaide by a wonderful lady named Heather Grace. Why you ask? It confirms that I am on the right track with Character 32 and I’m here to help you. Ironically a numerologist I saw approximate 12 years ago said very similar things to this palm reading. If you want the abridged 30 second version of my reading I’ve bolded those sections in the blog. 

So, here’s a little insight for you to know why I do what I do, but I’ll let you be the judge, jury and executioner…

Here’s what Heather said about me…. And I must say ‘I’m pretty happy with my reading!’…


My star sign is Aries

I’m a philosopher, planner, thinker, and think beyond what needs to be done. Sensitive to other people’s needs and I don’t forget the ‘little people’ around me. I’m a lover of peace and I’m a more spiritual person.


My Name starts with a K

My real name starts with a K which means I have a lot of power, fairness and integrity! - I think these are good traits!


My Hand Writing  

My hand writing is well above the line which shows optimism.  I write in caps but my A for example, doesn’t have a very strong point at the top indicating gentleness, not aggressive, or having a competitive feeling like with some.


Powerful Birth Number

My birth number is 6, a very powerful number. We’re survivors and can create infrastructure out of nothing. I’m someone who will visualise a dream and manifest it. Number 6 people stay in control of their lives. I know about everyone else’s life due to my inbuilt wisdom, so naturally, I rule a roost easily -  My blog on how Determination Gets Me Through Stressful Times is at the end of the blog.


This year is an 8 for me

Meaning it’s a transitory number from Jan 2016 to Jan 2017 and I should expect to learn and experience a lot - Which I am!

It’s a very challenging year with sleep deprivation and my head will be so full of things I’ll be saying Oh My Prada! I’ll feel like 2 steps forward and 1 back but being a 6 I’m like a goods train with two powerful engines (not one!) and I can make anything happen… - That sound about right!

It’s a wonderful year to network and If I want to design a new business, then this is the year. Heather told me to get my skates on – Ironically I love to roller skate and on another note, maybe that’s why I’m taking C32 in a different direction?

This is a deeply spiritual year and I’ll have the feeling to alter things for others who aren’t managing. Therefore, I’ll be helping people and doing things for them. Sometimes it only takes one tweak and they’ll be on their way and yet no one else will help them because I’ll have the vital piece of information they’ve been missing!

I have powerful numbers! Next year is better and I’ll be very wise because of everything I’m going through this year - #understatement!  I come against people who want things from me or to give me advice but I need to listen to myself - I normally do! Next year I move into the number 9 year and I’ll simplify a lot of things by weeding out what I don’t want for my higher self.


My hands

Heather said to me ‘Looking at my hands you’ve changed a great deal in the last 37 years.’ - #understatement! I’ve got great hands and lines! Heather could feel the healing energy and heat coming from my hands - I thought everyone had that but apparently not? 


My Life line

Thankfully I have a great clear lifeline on both hands for longevity and stamina. The lifestyle/dietary changes I’ve made over the last few years has added 5 years to my life and I’ll continue to get healthier as time goes on. - Note to all, making the right changes to improve your life will serve you well and I’m grateful all my research is paying off!

Years ago, I broke the constraints of my biological family because I couldn’t continue to live the way they wanted me too, my independent thought process didn’t fit their world. This allowed me to change my life so by the time I’m 50 I’m not bitter but better! - See I do know what I need!

There are some slight impediments crossing over my lifeline indicating I’m pushing myself and doing too much for others, giving away my essential self and putting myself last - I think most of us do?


My Headline

The ‘IQ force’ is strong with me! - Star Wars ‘The Force’ get it? Ha ha ha

I’ve got a very good, strong and powerful headline with a high IQ - who knew? I’m bright, around the 110-120 range and I’ve got a great sense of humour - Ha ha ha!

There are crisscross lines indicating trauma residue of knowing or grief from a past life, yes I am an old soul - I swear I died on the Titanic as I fear open bodied water/ocean, cruise ships, confined spaces and drowning – see it all fits and I’ve always thought this! #imnotnutsafterall

Children with past life trauma lines are sensible children and more of an adult than child, which I was. My past life trauma is so powerful I expect to walk into my life and fit but I didn’t so I spent a lot of time alone in my room with the door closed. Due to the isolation, my emotional pressure made me creative and expanded my brain to what I can achieve because being an old soul can make me incompatible with my biological family - Heck yes that’s an understatement!

Diamonds are formed under pressure. This is where my high IQ comes from - Well that explains a few things and diamonds are my birthstone!



I’m very powerful in the intuitive department and I even have a slight curved Clairvoyant crescent. It’s not as predominate on my right as it is on my left meaning it's hereditary in the family. As I get older I’ll get strong and better - funny I think that too! I have a very good and strong mind which will talk under water when I’m 90! - Ha ha ha some people can and will vouch for that!


Happiness lines

I’m very tough on myself but I can expect happiness! It’s coming my way soon!

Being so intuitive makes it hard for me to socialise with people as I can read them like a book. I see straight through fake people! This makes me uncomfortable and feel horrible which is why I can’t deal with some people, and why I’m so selective about who I associate with - No truer words have never been spoken!  - When Heather was telling me this I was gob smacked because this is exactly how I feel and it resonated with me 100% I see people for who they really are!


One of my strongest elements

One of my strongest elements I have is the gift of communication. I have a superb personally with good humour and it’s a gift that needs to come out sooner or later - Some might disagree with my communication skills because I don’t tolerate nor will I accept people trying to ‘over power me’. I see through people who are arrogant/dominant due to their own insecurities. I’ll only placate people up to a certain point before the gloves come off. I believe if these people made some changes in their lives they would become happier, and I don’t fall for their ‘fake happy façade’. But as the saying goes ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it!’… People with these personality traits will never see any fault in themselves and their own sheer arrogance will inevitably be their own undoing….


Fate line

As a child, there was too much pressure on me to be an adult and now’s the time to undo that. My family and those around me expect me to be traditional and work like everyone does. Might I add this drives me completely insane!  But I’ve been given spiritually responsible jobs to do but need life experiences before I can help others! I’ve been put through boot camp for a reason and it’s because heaven expects much of me I say it’s the universe that expects much of me. They keep trying to serve me aces and I keep hitting them back harder because I’m C32 and that’s what I do!

The square on my hand is for angelic inspiration and protection which helps me speak to people (which I’ll be doing one of these days).  I have a good leadership finger and organisation skills. There are bridges on my fingers because I can think outside the box. My teaching and training ability are all natural gifts, not ones you’re taught. This allows me to train on whatever life lessons I’ve learned. The hardships in life will become the reason why I write - I’m like HELLO that’s why I blog about Stress Solutions! Tick that box baby!

My creativity will bring me money and there is a fork on my hand which is a Chinese symbol for good fortune - Maybe I didn’t need the little tattoo after all?  Ha ha ha.


Spirits around me

There are three grandparents around me who all say different things. One of my grandmothers says I’m fair and hold my tongue to a certain point when I’m being bullied by others. She’s validated that I do get and have been bullied, and it’s not all in my head like some claim! - Well thank the Prada Gods someone recognises that! My grandfather says I can and should run my own business because I need to be my own boss. I’m a 6! I should and must work for myself.


I’m an Empathic Person

Oh boy I'm an empath! (feel what others are feeling) and I have it in spades!! Heather said if she had hands this empathic she would be scared to go out the door because I can feel everything! - Over the years I’ve been accused of being too pragmatic or harsh. To help others I push aside my emotions allowing me to solve problems instead of falling apart.




The rest of my hands and fingers

I have fantastic hands, fingers and superb knuckles! I have positive energy and I’m great with animals and vulnerable souls – I’m not patience though?

Housing I’m not living where I want to be and it’s not going to be settled for a while - Ain’t that the truth!

The distance between a few of my lines means I’m very impulsive, gifted and versatile meaning there’s not much I can’t tackle or do. It doesn’t matter what I want to learn in one year I’ll be great at it!  

I shouldn’t take on too much responsibility because that requires consistency and because I’m gifted I don’t need to be consistent! I change and go where spirit wants me and do good where I’m needed. That’s why I need change often - I knew I felt this way for a reason!

I’m dead straight down the sides of my hands which is truth and integrity. Between my remarkable writer’s fork and the fact my finger curves in, all indicates my wordsmithing ability. My writer's fork is too powerful for me not to write. As I get older I’ll feel comforted by it and I’ll write and create the world! She thinks I would also be clever with web design or graphics because I’m creative – Well that describes my blogging!

I’m good with money and I’m going to be an entrepreneur. I’m trustworthy with large sums of money for other people. My thumbs show I’m quite reserved with money and will be for the rest of my life. I’m not greedy, there’s no greed and everything I’m working towards is beautification. I want to make the world a better place by healing and helping people!

I have fabulous hands! Very spiritual hands. My nails are the same width at the top as the bottom which is great because I know my own self-worth and I’m confident. Also, the way my nails are set and the size means I’m highly intuitive almost to a psychic hand. The dent, crest she believes will turn into a Clairvoyant crest as time goes by – Again I’m very intuitive!


So what does the ‘Big 3’ Stress Solutions Puzzle look like when it comes to My Palm Reading – Who is Character 32? She’s a Woman Here to Help You!


Never fear I am here to help you because on some level that’s what I know I’m meant to do.

I recall saying to my father when I first started blogging ‘I haven’t been through all these hard times and pulled myself out of them for nothing. I’m meant to help others and show them how I did it through my own experiences’. My father told me that was a very positive way to look at it and was proud.

And if you knew the full story of what is happening in my life now you would wonder… How is Character 32 still able to keep blogging at the moment? The truth is I will not let my current situation or anything else beat me. I’m a very STRONG and CAPABLE WOMAN…. I don’t ever give up. I once got told I was like a dog with a bone (nice analogy!) because I just don’t quit! 

I’ll share all my insight and information through my blogs and I’ll do my very best to help. I’m here for a reason and I strongly believe it’s to help others. Ironically look at how I’ve signed off on every blog I’ve ever done…..

Until next time be thoughtful, be mindful, be present. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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