C32 Loving That... Whats Next

I believe in the Chinese Philosophy of yin yang where it’s important to live a life of balance as this keeps me grounded and helps me appreciate what I have.

Growing up I saw what it was like for my parents living on the merry-go-round of money vs massive debt. Their journey has helped me realized the importance of understanding my own self-worth vs the façade of wealth. 

Loving That… Whats Next is a combination of all things I choose to surround myself in. My style and choices in life are mine and mine alone and I own it…it doesn’t own me.

I love drinking Champagne, globetrotting around the world, and wearing designer things but I also love nature and the bees, being at one with the universe and living a soulful and spiritual life.

Here you’ll find an eclectic range of what my life looks like, about things I love and own as well fashion, make-up, beauty and more.

This little micro blog is designed to help spark your positive brain neurons as you unwind, relax and enjoy looking at nice things I share.

So take a load off, sat back and rest up with a cup of coffee, tea, juice or kombucha and just immerse yourself in some lifestyle culture with a varied and slightly unique perspective.

Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!