The Elegant and Stylish Louis Vuitton Emprise 23 Timepiece


Back in Sydney last month a few hours before we were due to fly out, hubby decided at the last minute to buy another Tag watch (his watches are like my bags and shoes!).

Over the years I too have ‘upgraded’ my watches. First I had a yellow gold, Christian Dior which hubby bought me back in 2002. Then for my 30th I got a white gold, Longines from my parents.

I’d always dreamed about future purchases as I always wanted a Cartier Tank for my 40th birthday. However, the universe had a different plan for me on that day.  

After hubby’s purchase, I somehow ended up in Louis Vuitton on George Street. How did that happen? I don’t know it just did?

As I walked into the store I was greeted by the lovely salesman. When asked if I needed a hand with anything I replied ‘just looking’… That is what I always say!  

Next thing you know I’m in the watch department looking at timepieces #ops

I saw this timepiece and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Once I put it on, I wouldn’t take it off! It’s the Louis Vuitton Emprise 23 Timepiece.



When I enquired about the cost and received the earth-shattering news, my heart sank a little. It was more than I anticipated….and I knew it would asking too much. But still, I didn’t take the watch off I just keep looking at it and touching it.

All the while the sales guy is ‘selling’ me this timepiece. I took off and put in back on the counter, however, I was still touching it.  Next thing you know I’m picking it up again…..AND then I’m putting it back on AGAIN!

Hubby just starts laughing, he thinks this is hilarious! Meanwhile, I’m in turmoil about the cost. Hubby says I should buy it. I’m hesitant. I LOVE IT. It screams elegance, class, style and has that 80’s look about it which makes me love it more.

The salesman points out I can’t put the watch down and it’s been in my possession for the last 15 minutes! Clearly, I’m drawn to this timepiece and feel I have a ‘bond’ with it. So, I bought it! #loveatfirstsight Money doesn’t buy happiness but it did buy me this fabulous watch!

As you can see there’s so much attention to detail in this timepiece. I love the fact it’s Swiss Made as Louis Vuitton (LVMH) also owns other prestigious timepiece houses.


The face is smaller than what I’m used to and it’s black which makes a nice change from my old white one.

I love everything about this timepiece and I’m so grateful I have such a wonderful hubby #thankshubby

Needless to say, the Cartier Tank and I are now history! When something is meant to be, it will just happen. That’s story behind my new Louis Vuitton timepiece.

Here I’m wearing my timepiece with my other fabulous accessories which include my Louis Vuitton Artsy MM, tigers eye ring, Morgenthal Frederics sunglasses, and I’m wearing a Sass and Bide white top.


Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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