How a Ride on a Horse is Great for My Spirit and Soul…


Flashback 2010 to a happy moment in time…

For some people being around horses is all about fashion, posh high-end stables and status whereas for others it’s just for the love of horses and riding. And although I’m wearing a light blue Ralph Lauren polo tee shirt and my old Prada sunglasses, for me riding and horses are engrained into my soul.

The first time I was introduced to the ‘horse world’ I was around two years old, which was when I fell in love with a horse named Roddy. It was from that moment forward I knew being around horses was something my soul needed and it would a core part of my life.

Here I’m in my ‘happy place’ and it’s just myself and Ace going around completing jump after jump. I talk to him as we enter the jump saying ‘come on Ace let’s do this!’ and we work together to complete the course.


This old ex-race horse Ace was great for me getting my confidence back in my jumping because over the years I have had a few bad falls. He was slow enough around the course, yet fast enough for me to regain my skills. 

He was just a beautiful and majestic creature who made me happy plus his spirit was still alive and kicking even though he was in 20’s which is old in horse years. 

The point of this blog is about lifestyle happiness and choices that are best enjoyed doing/being around things you love. So here’s just one of my ‘happy place’ moments that I am sharing and I hope you get to visit yours soon!

Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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