3 reasons why I need 3 different pairs of sunglass part 3


My Chanel sports and outdoor activities pair

I purchased these Chanel glasses back in June 2010 whilst shopping at Saks Fifth Ave, Manhattan. They replaced my very worn out Prada glasses which had had their day. The Prada pair then became my sports and outdoor activities pair. 

At first, I wore the Chanel glasses every day no matter what the occasion. However, over time I felt they were too ‘heavy framed’ for my face. So a year later I purchased my Morgenthal Frederics glasses, which meant these Chanel’s became my new sports and outdoor activities pair!


The Chanel glasses are excellent for blocking out the sun because the tinting is dark and the arms are wide. They are perfect for when I’m roller skating, bike riding, golfing, playing tennis and horse riding. 

Here I’m roller skating in Singapore listening to 80's music! #happy  


This completes my 3 part series on ‘3 reasons why I need 3 different pairs of sunglass’. I need my everyday pair, my dressier pair and my sports pair. 

Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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