3 reasons why I need 3 different pairs of sunglass part 2


My Louis Vuitton Dressier Pair

I think I was having a temporary lapse in judgment when I decided to ‘cheat’ on my Morgenthal Frederics. I’m not sure what thought process was running through my head at the time but I decided to see if Louis Vuitton had something better on offer. I think I was just ‘bored’ with my Morgenthal’s – insert shock horror emoji here!

In the store, I got all excited like I do when I am shopping in LV. I think I was getting more caught up in the fact I could buy a new pair of sunglass rather than the fact I needed them. I tried on a few different pairs and decided these were the ones - yes these were going to be my new sunglasses. Once I had purchased them and tried them on again at home, I began to wonder about my decision, had I bought these in haste? 


I discovered the tinting on them is too light for normal day to day wear. In the store when I was trying them on the room was not very bright and there was no natural sunlight. To me, the tinting seemed fine but when I had them on outside I had to squint which kind of defeats the purpose of sunglasses!?!

That being said I do like how elegant they look which allows me to dress up an afternoon outfit. I wear these now at social events where I’m getting a little ‘dressed up’. 


You will only see me wearing these on the odd occasion, but when do they make a statement.  

My conclusion is I’m happy with my purchase as are now part of my 3 pair collection, making them a great choice for dress up time!

Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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