Lemon Quartz Ring by Dave

Hello everyone!

Not long after we moved to Singapore I found this Lemon Quartz ring by Dave in Takashimaya on Orchard Road.

There was something vibrating about this quartz stone, it as if I was calling out to me. As soon as I put it on I knew it was meant to be mine, so naturally, I bought it. 

I loved everything about it, the way it looked, sat on my finger and the glistening sparkle of the gem. It’s also a very large stone in size giving it that extra wow factor!


I generally wear this ring going out as it’s a little too much for just casual wear, and you will see this ring on up and coming blogs so stay tuned for more pictures.

Lemon quartz gemstones are said to bring balance and happiness to its wearers, as I am into all the ‘crystal hippie stuff’ as my friends call it. Regardless of whether or not you are into ‘crystal things/gemstones’, you have to admit it’s a nice-looking ring. 

Here I’m wearing the ring at the Singapore Polo drink a glass of Champagne and watching the game. You might also notice my Louis Vuitton Sunglass in this photo. My facial expression on the other hand, is due to the excitement of the game, the polo can be very captivating!


Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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