I Love My Ralph Lauren Stirrup Belts That’s Why I Bought Two!


Hello my fellow fashion savvy women!

Let me start by saying: ‘I may or may not have a slight tendency to purchase the same item in two different colours!’

A few years ago I was shopping in New York when I stumbled across these 2 Ralph Lauren Stirrup Belts. Whilst I was trying them on I couldn’t decide between the two, so I thought it was a ‘Love It - Buy Two’ kind of moment and I ended up purchasing both as one does!

Ralph Lauren Horse Stirrup Belt Brown and Gold Character 32


I believe there are no rules when it comes to fashion these days, I think it’s all about ‘how we wear something’ know what I mean? Therefore, owning 2 or more of the same thing in different colours is ok with me!

Plus, there is another upside to buying two or more of something you love. If it’s damaged, lost, ripped, stolen etc. you still have it in other colours. There is nothing worse when you have something in your wardrobe collection that becomes damaged and you can’t buy it again. 

Here I’m wearing my brown and gold combination Ralph Lauren Stirrup Belt with my Louis Vuitton Sunglass and a Ralph Lauren Brown Halter Top. I’m having a drink at the top of Marina Bay Sands at the bar called CE LA VI (previously known as KU DE TA). The view from up there as the sun is setting is spectacular, if you are in Singapore check it out!  I then proceeded down to the ground floor to enjoy a wonderful dinner at Adrift by David Myers.


So if you are ‘loving’ something then I say buy two! That’s my fashion and style tip for the week.

Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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