DVF Kaftan Yellow, Black and White Silk Top

On a Thursday night back in 2011 my friend and I were shopping together in Westfield Sydney when this Diane von Furstenberg Kaftan caught my eye. As I walked past the window it was screaming at me, I knew I had to try it on. 

I went to the change rooms and put it on over the top of what I was wearing. I wasn’t about to take off my hunter boots, jeans or jumper, it was the middle of winter and I was cold! #hellowinter

My friend said to me ‘You have to have it, it so totally suits you!’ my response ‘I love it, but where am I going to wear it?’. She laughed ‘Who cares about that’ and grabs my phone to a take a photo ‘Here look at the back and how nicely it drapes’.

DVF Kaftan Yellow, Black and White Silk Top

It sat in my wardrobe until summer before its first outing at the Opera Bar in Sydney whilst having afternoon drinks. Since then this kaftan has travelled around the world to many different destinations.

Here I’m in the Maldives Velassaru (here’s my Globetrotter blog) and I have paired it with my little Louis Vuitton Damier Pochette, my gold Evocateur bracelet from Curator’s Den and my Lemon Quartz ring by Dave.


Flashback to 2012 when hubby and I took a 2 month vacation around Europe and I wore this when we were in Cannes, France.


The other day I was cruising along the French Riviera on the magnificent Wind Surf Yacht where I wore this by the pool before I jumped into the hot tube and drank some Champagne! #goodtimes


Normally I don’t go for patterns however in this instance I made an exception. There’s just something about this kaftan I love! I normally pair it with gold however at times silver/white gold works with it as well, I really don’t set myself any rules! So, if you see something ‘screaming at you’ as you walk past the windows shopping, chances are it’s meant to be yours!

Until next time Live style. Live spirit. Live soul. This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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