C32 Globetrotter

I love returning to cities like Manhattan and Paris, however I still find it exciting and adventurous embarking on a new destination.  My life as corporate executive wife allows me to catch up with friends aboard, accompany my husband for his work commitments and travel the world which I have been doing since 2004. On my journeys I’ve realised the world is smaller than you might think. It’s also given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, learn about cultural diversity and gain memorable moments along the way.

I have done the well-trodden paths of guide books - stood in the cell of The Man in the Iron Mask, done the Hong Kong Art Walk, seen the Pompeii ruins, The Pope, Vatican City, Southfork Ranch and the Geishas in Kyoto. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge, climbed up some huge hills in Positano, The Island of Capri, and Montserrat, helicoptered over the Grand Canyon and Sydney harbour. Seen the Berlin Wall, Colosseum, Niagara Falls, The White House, The Washington Monument, The Louvre, The MET, Sagrada Famila, St Peter’s Basilica, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the list goes on…

There have been some times on our travelling adventures which in hindsight has made me laugh. I’ve witnessed naked people cycling through the streets of San Fran and I’ve been thrown out of taxis in Prague, Bangkok, Sydney, Shanghai and had the ride from hell in NYC where I thought I was going to die. On the other hand, there’s been the hair raising incidents when being interrogated by Polish customs, experiencing two separate lockdowns between Charles de Gaulle and a Paris train station and being in New Jersey when Super Storm Sandy hit.

For relaxation we’ve enjoyed golfing in Hawaii, Australia and throughout Asia and snorkeling in the Caribbean, Maldives and Great Barrier Reef. Then somehow we’ve ended up in the Champagne region a few times whilst following Le Tour de France over the years (I don’t know how that happened?!?).

A little culture and retail therapy can go along way! is what I always say! which is why I loved watching Les Miserable in London, Phantom on Broadway and ‘O’ in Las Vegas and shopping the world over from New York to Paris, London to Hong Kong (and maybe some other places in between like Rodeo Drive, Antwerp and Sydney).

We’ve loved hanging with friends in the Hamptons, Malta, Mauritius, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Sweden and NYC to name a few….

My life is an adventure so I invite you to come and experience the world through my eyes. I’ll share my reviews on airlines, hotels, restaurants, juice bars, guide book destinations, shopping hotspots and give you hints and tips on traveling along the way. Welcome to the world of a globetrotter…

Here you can see all the places I have travelled.

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!