Things to do in Huntington Beach in Orange County, California



I jumped on a plane LA bound from Australia to hang out with a friend. I needed some time to just lose myself in a relaxed beach location so I could unwind. Huntington Beach is where they live so that was my point of destination. This way we could travel around the California coast together going on mini road tripping adventures. And I can honestly say I ended up falling in love with California here’s why!

What I’ve discovered about this coastal beach area is how friendly people are (maybe it’s got to do with the great lifestyle they have living by the beach?).


It’s so relaxing walking along the beach and up and down the jetty. They have some pretty incredible surfers in California and it’s great watching them catching waves!  I also enjoyed watching the volleyball which seems to be another thing they do well in sunny California. I see why so many people live here… I think I could too!


Eating and drinking at Pacific City

My most favourite place to hang out is at Pacific City, a shopping centre filled with great eateries, bars and retail shops.


Here you can sit and watch the world go by taking in this magnificent view of Huntington Beach. I myself have sat here for hours just getting lost watching the waves come into the shore…. Just like a lot of the locals do too!!

Here you can sit and watch the world go by taking in this magnificent view of Huntington Beach. I myself have sat here for hours just getting lost watching the waves come into the shore…. Just like a lot of the locals do too!!




Food Hall called LOT 579

There’s a food hall called LOT 579 and here’s where you can find eating and drinking options.  There’s a lot of variety on offer so I’m sure you will find something you like! My two personal favourites were Burnt Crumbs and Protola Coffee…



Burnt Crumbs  

Although I’m a gluten free person I broke the rules good and proper with bread because Brunt Crumbs avocado toast is so mind blowing I just had to eat it! Strangely their sourdough bread didn’t cause me too many problems? I’ve not experienced that in the last 10 years when eating bread…. I wish I could eat some right now!



Protola Coffee Lab

When it comes to coffee Protola is THE place to grab a coffee from because it’s a real European style coffee! Added bonus is you can get almond milk if you don’t want cows, however, that being said they advertise organic and grass fed milk. P.S their gluten free macaroons are out of this world good!



Old Crow Smokehouse

The food here is awesome and so are the drinks! Sit back, relax and watch some sport whilst enjoying some good old barbeque cooking!



Ola Mexican Kitchen

Here’s where you will get some great Mexican food, I love their guacamole! Plus you a great view of the beach.



The Bungalow

There’s an awesome bar called Bungalow located on the top floor with a great rooftop view overlooking the beach. There’s a very eclectic mix of people who go there so don’t worry no matter ‘what type of crowd’ you normally feel comfortable with, there’s a little bit of every personality type here.


Location: Pacific City 21010 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, USA



Tuesday Markets in Main Street

On Tuesday nights, there are markets on Main Street. Here’s where you’ll find a range of food and homewares and there are clothes for sale too. There’s a little bit of everything on offer here. So, if you are in the area make sure you check it out and you can also enjoy some of the local entertainment.




Sessions West Coast Deli

Here is where you will also find some awesome food and coffee on offer. You can sit and enjoy watching the world go by whilst allowing your taste buds to enjoy the great good.

Location: 414 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648



Nekter Juice Bar

I am a massive lover of green juices and this place will take care of all your juicing, smoothie of Acai bowl needs.

Location: 126 Main St., Ste. 102 Huntington Beach, CA 92648



Where I stayed


The Huntington Beach Inn

Is located on the PCH a few blocks from Main Street. The location is great, rooms are clean, friendly staff but that’s about as far as it goes. The beds are so uncomfortable, there are people smoking pot in the rooms (even though they’re not meant to!) and sometimes of the weekends, there are parties in the rooms until 3am! Even though I called at 2.30am asking if they could please be quiet!

Location: 800 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


The Hotel Huntington Beach

The rooms are clean and beds are comfortable and the staff are really friendly however… I was woken up at 4.40am to a guy drilling into the vending machine, I got out of bed and questioned him asking what the heck he was doing? Told him he woke me up and I was mad! I later found out it was a robber who I had scared off by questioning him, but he did end up stealing money and soda from our floor! I called downstairs and the night person on reception didn’t see a problem with what was happening when I explained this to him? I wonder about the security of this hotel? It’s about $10-14 USD for an Uber to Pacific City, Main Street and the beach.

Location: 7667 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, California 92647


Location wise it’s opposite a massive shopping centre which is great for getting food and shopping. You can sit around and watch sports at Buffalo Wild Wings where the awesome staff will take care of you! Or if you feel like some sushi check out Kabauki Japanese Restaurant for some fantastic food (and friendly staff!). There’s also a Wholefoods where you can grab some great food and there’s also and great juice place called Nekter Juice Bar.




My Overview of Huntington Beach


If you want to rent a board and go for a surf there’s a surf shop on the Pacific Coast Hwy called Jacks Surfboards on the opposite side of the road to the beach where you can rent gear (not that I did but I saw them for rent out the front of store… trust me when I say I can’t surf ha ha ha!)… 

It was a great place to stay and use a base to travel around with my friend. We went to Joshua Tree, Malibu, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach and twice to LA to see Santa Monica Pier and the sights of LA all of which I’ll blog about soon!

Being able to relax and walk on the beach or along the pier whilst still having enough to do during the day is just want I was looking for. I like the fact it’s a mixture of coastal living but still has a great happy vibe as the people there are so friendly.

So come on down to Huntington Beach and enjoy, it’s a little slice of paradise in Orange County!

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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