What to See in LA in A Day – My Top 3 Things to See in Hollywood on a LAX layover


Hi Everyone!

There are times in our travel when we need to make the most of every minute so here are the top 3 things to see and do when you’re on a LAX layover. Hire yourself a car with satellite navigation and get ready, because this is Hollywood baby… Welcome to LA!


My Top 3 things to see and do in a day in Los Angeles


1. Rodeo Drive

You can’t come to Hollywood and not walk along (or shop?) on Rodeo Drive!  Labels, name, fashion, fabulous darling think Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel and I see Goyard will be there soon plus you’ll find Fendi, Dior, D&G, Harry Winston and Cartier… (full list here) The last time I walked this street was back in 2006 when I purchased my first pair of Gucci shoes!


At the end of the street, you can see the famous Beverly Wilshire hotel (from Pretty Woman and Valentine’s Day).  Famous people like Elton John, Al Pacino and President Barack Obama have stayed there.

When I see Via Rodeo I think of the introduction of a few famous TV shows ha ha ha…



2. The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Dolby Theatre

Here is where you will find the stars on the Walk of Fame and the iconic Dolby Theatre which is the home of the Academy Awards! Plus you can see the Grauman's Chinese Theatre as well. It’s hard to get photos sometimes because there are so many people everywhere. I was excited because I haven’t been here for years. So, I was busy snapping away at my favourite stars, stars! Ha ha ha #fortheloveofjoancollins #sharonstoneisfabulous



3. Hollywood Sign and The Griffith Observatory

Up here at The Griffith Observatory is where you will get a great view overlooking LA. You can also see the Hollywood sign that’s in the background. If you are into hiking, there are trails for hikes. Or if you are just looking to get a photo of the iconic Hollywood sign drive and park at the top where the observatory is, it only cost $4 for an hour.



My Overview of LA

There is so much to see and do when you’re in Hollywood. Trust me when I say you will see some crazy things…. Welcome to LA, it’s a happening and funny crazy kind of place!

In my experience, this is where everyone comes to make something of themselves and/or become noticed. On the walk of fame, you will have guys peddling their music CD’s wanting you to ‘donate’ to their music (which is like $1) and they will sign the CD for you! At least they are actively trying to make it and become recognised for their talent, not sitting on their behinds ‘waiting to be discovered’…

One thing I will say about LA is the traffic! There are more cars than people LOL.  So, if you want to drive around LA and make the most of your stop over make sure you allow plenty of time.

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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