3 Reasons to Eat at Wild Honey in Mayfair London


Whilst temporarily living in London back in Dec 2016 my husband suggested Wild Honey for our ‘date night’. After reviewing the impressive menu, I booked us in for the Friday night and here’s what we experienced.


3 reasons to eat at Wild Honey


1. The Staff are fantastic

The staff service is impeccable! They have the right amount of hospitality without being snobbish. They are super friendly, polite and make you feel very welcome. The ambiance is great and it’s all very relaxing at Wild Honey.



2. Food is awesome

We were so impressed with the food and service we returned a few weeks later. I love the kale soup it’s out of this world! I then followed it with the fish which melts in your mouth. And don’t even get me started on the cheese platter. That accompanied with the Champagne is what it’s all about! To top it all off the desserts are truly divine and delicate.



3. The Gin selection is impressive

Like your gin? Then this is the place to come and check out because they have a large selection on offer! Note: They don't stock Hendricks Gin here, it’s not ‘classed as a gin’. Initially, we were unhappy because that’s always been our gin of choice. However, the tables turned when the manager put us onto Liverpool Gin because it’s awesome!


My Overview of Wild Honey

We loved it so much we returned a few weeks later oh, the poor credit card, but it was worth it. The food is so fantastic it’s hard to stop eating. In fact, it’s so good the last time we were there somehow we ended up ordering 2 desserts each and 2 cheese plates. Why not you only live once right?


Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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