Designer Shopping at a Fraction of the Cost at Bicester Village London



From the City of London, you are only a hop, skip, jump and 45 minute train ride away from the shopping outlet mall called Bicester Village.


The List of Designer shops at Bicester Village

Here you’ll find an array of high end designer stores with discounted items on offer. If I were to quote Eddie in Ab Fab it would be ‘Names, names, names darling bloody names!!’ it’s all here and more.

Think Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and more! There’s Valentino, Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Vivienne Westwood….and that’s not all!

You’ll also find brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Tory Burch and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, there's plenty of shopping to be done here just bring your purse/wallet and credit cards.

As you can see hubby and I did go a little nuts in Prada. Thank the Prada Gods for the great finds. I’m currently wearing my Prada cardigan which I purchase that day, as I’m typing this blog post, on a plane from Singapore to Australia #fortheloveofprada



Eating Options

There’s a massive Pret A Manger here which if you haven’t heard of them before, is a very large chain which is massive in London (and other countries as well).  Here’s where you can gra a quick bit to eat. They’re all the about the healthy food options here think salads, soups, rolls, sandwiches, desserts as well as juices and organic coffee too.

There are also food stalls all around the village which sells Asian foods, French crêpes and so on.


Getting to Bicester Village from The City of London

Take the tube to Marylebone station where you purchase a ticket to Bicester Village because you can’t use the oyster card for that particular train. It costs between £23 to £28 pounds depending on the time of day you travel.


My Overview of Bicester Village


I’ve been there twice now and plan to go again when I’m back in London. It’s a little bit like most shopping outlets it can be hit and miss. It all depends on stock levels and sizes left, you never know what you will find. Some days are great and others not so much. Excuse the pun but that’s the ‘price you pay’ when shopping in discount outlets.

I’ve been on the weekend and it’s insanely busy, just like every other outlet mall around the world. Weekends are always peak times to shop. This can be good and bad for a few reasons. The bad is the crowds and line ups to get into the stores. The good is they normally stock up for the weekends so you have more on offer. Again, this is the same world over which yes we’ve shopped (I’m also a globetrotting shopper not just a globetrotting blogger, just ask my husband!).  Somehow we always end up in outlets somewhere, I still remember our first outlet experience in Italy 2006 ha ha ha.

If you’re thinking Monday is a quieter time that too isn’t always the case. I’ve been to Bicester Village on Monday thinking it would be quieter? Well, I was wrong. It was still busy although that being said it was much easier to shop.

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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