Train Day Trip from Barcelona to Montserrat Mountains



Things to see and do at Montserrat

Each year my husband and I head to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. Once all the craziness of the conference has finished we go exploring. Our friends suggested we all go and see Montserrat Mountains for something different and here’s what the four of us discovered…


Cable Car up to Montserrat

When we arrived, we took the cable car up to the middle of the mountain where the museum area and the Montserrat Monastery Church is located.

Although I have a little fear of heights and cable cars I still plucked up the courage to get in. I’m so glad I did because the view from the cable car is fantastic.



The Montserrat Museum

You’re able to grab some lunch inside this building.  From here you can go up or down the mountain on the funicular (cliff railway) to explore different views and buildings.



Montserrat Monastery Church and Basilica Floor

This amazing floor is inspired from the Vatican floor in Rome and is where the Choir does their performances. When you walk into the church you will be in awe of how beautiful it is.



The Holy Visions

From the museum, you can make your way down the mountain to get to the small church all the while enjoying the view. Note this is rocky ground so make sure you’re wearing appropriate shoes.



Mountain Views of Catalunya

We took the funicular up to some higher grounds and wandered around. Note the hills can be tiring but the view is just spectacular. And a shout out to our friend in the red shirt by the old little building….Hi Character 36! (some of our friends want their own Character number LOL). 



Getting to and from Montserrat

We took the train from Barcelona - Plaça Espanya which takes around 1 hour each way. There’s a great little place to grab some food or a drink at the Montserrat train station but it’s a little hidden. So, here’s a picture to show you where it is. The owners are really friendly!



Here’s a map of MonTserrat



My Overview of Montserrat

I’m so glad I’ve seen this remarkable landscape. I’ve advised friends to see it and they too also enjoyed it.

Be prepared you will be tired by the end of the day from all the walking. Also, wearing sneakers is something I recommend because the ground is dirt, sometimes with rocks and it can get a little slippery so please bear that in mind.

I hope you enjoy Montserrat as much as we did!

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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