Best Places to shop in NYC in Downtown Manhattan


When we first came to NYC back in 2006 downtown wasn’t classed as the most safest place we even had a police officer tell us we probably shouldn’t be walking around here. We were on Church St heading towards 6th Ave, but now that’s all change and downtown is the place to be! 

Now this area is a completely different world, it’s happening and tourists flock to grab a barging and check out the new shopping hot spots in Manhattan. Here is a way to spend your day shopping downtown in Manhattan.


Brookfield Place


This beautiful shopping center has some great stores like Saks 5th Ave, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Venenta, Burberry, DVF, Gucci and J Crew. There are great restaurants a food hall called Hudson Eats. For the kids, there’s and a great ice skating rink on the Hudson River side where they can go skating (and adults too!).

Location: 230 Vesey Street, New York

*You can walk underground from Brookfield Place to Oculus – Westfield via the PATH subway station


Visit Oculus - Westfield World Trade Center


This new spacious and architectural masterpiece building is a must see if you are downtown! The tourists flock here to see this building it’s just incredible, even though some critics have given it some unfavourable reviews it’s stilling bringing in a lot of tourists. I personally love it and think it’s architectural genius (but that’s just me). There’s plenty of shopping and eating on offer too. So, do yourself a favour and check this awesome building out.

Location: 85 Greenwich St, New York

*Opposite Oculus – Westfield you will find Century 21


Century 21


Welcome to the land of discount racks as far as the eye can see, spread over multiple levels will all types of clothes, there is a little something here for everyone. Make sure you grab yourself a red trolley you’re going to need it, by the time you’ve finished it’s going to be full.

But it’s not all about the clothes as there are shoes too, as well as handbags, accessories, beauty, things for around the home, and there’s just as much men’s wear as women’s ware, so there is something here for everyone!

I’ve been shopping here for years and have grabbed some great bargains! Yes, it can be a hit or miss but 95% of the time there’s a few great finds. I’ve spent many hours shopping here and when I’m in town I always make the time to stop by. Take note it can get really busy sometimes so I try to get in early to avoid the crowds.

Location: 1972 Broadway, New York (Opposite the Oculus – Westfield)

*Century 21 and T.J.Maxx are within walking distance of each other. Do yourself a favour and even though it’s not discount shopping if you have a few spare moments then pop over to Westfield Oculus and see how incredible this new shopping mall is. It’s directly opposite Century 21 it’s literally across the street. It’s also a great place to go and grab some food if you’re hungry or stop for a coffee.




There are a few of these stores in Manhattan and I have to be honest and say I didn’t find it as great as the ones in London (no, I’m not being biased). There’s a lot of one-off things but there is plenty of it. So, you have to be ready to go through the racks but I’m sure you can find a bargain!

Location: 14 Wall St, New York


If you’re downtown and looking to do an afternoon of shopping these are the places to check out. You can walk to all of these locations, just make sure you have some comfortable shoes on!

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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