17 Famous Filming Locations around New York from Movies and TV Shows

If you loved Sleepless in Seattle, King Kong, Ghostbusters, Crocodile Dundee, Big Business to name a few! TV shows like Law & Order, Gossip, 30 Rock, Sex And The City and many many many more then here’s a list of locations for you to check out!

1. The MET


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is not only the home to some of the most amazing art and historic relics, this grand building has been used in many movies and TV shows like The Thomas Crown Affair and Gossip Girl where Blaire often has lunch with her friends on Gossip Girl.

Location: 1000 5th Ave, New York


2. New York Public Library


This is famous for some many reasons, but if you are from the original Ghostbusters era then you will remember this library where the first ghost was found! Ha ha ha  

Location: 476 5th Ave (behind Bryant Park)


3. The Plaza Hotel


There’s a reason it costs a fortune to stay at this hotel! And when it comes to the iconic Plaza Hotel I think about how many movies have been filmed in this hotel which includes Bride Wars, Crocodile Dundee, Big Business, Home Alone 2. Arthur, It Could Happen To You, Brewsters Millions, Sleepless in Seattle and the list goes on.

Location: 768 5th Ave (at the beginning of Central Park opposite


4. Pulitzer Fountain in Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza


Opposite The Plaza Hotel, you will see the Pulitzer Fountain which has been in many movies. Because it’s opposite the hotel it’s featured regularly in movies and TV shows like Gossip Girl.

Location: W 58th Street and Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan


5. Rockefeller Center


Take a walk around the Rockefeller Center where TV morning shows such as Today film. You will see the ice skating rink, the NBC studios, and Radio City. This is another major tourist attraction in NYC! Think TV shows like 30 Rock! ‘Flashback’ one of the photos I’m using is an old photo from June 2008! Ha ha ha

Location: between 48th and 51st Streets


6. Bryant Park


Bryant Park has been seen in many movies and tv shows like Sex And The City, Glee, Person of Interest, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, The Out-of-Towners, Head Over Heels, Loser, Law & Order SVU so on and so on… This famous landmark also used to be the home of NYC Fashion week!

Now it’s a place where shopping, eating, and ice skating has moved in. There is something here for everyone from adults to children and you can spend many hours here walking around and shopping.

Location: Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and between 40th and 42nd Streets


7. Wall St


The Financial District in Manhattan you will find the infamous Wall St, which is known for good and bad reasons. Many movies have been made based on this famous street such as Wall St and Trading Places to name a few.

Location: Eight block long street running from Broadway to South Street, at the East River


8. Empire State Building


How many movies has the Empire State Building appeared in? Just a few right? An Affair to Remember, King Kong, Sleepless in Seattle and the list goes on! Even though it does cost to go up the top and see the view, you can walk past it and walk inside the lobby area and see it for free (at least you can say you’ve been there!).

Location: Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and 34th Streets


9. St Patricks Cathedral Manhattan


Has been in many movies such as Spider-Man and TV shows like Gossip Girl. This beautiful and historical building is one to be admired, it’s simply beautiful. Here I am in June 2008, May 2011, and then again the other week Nov 2017, however, I walk past this beautiful old building every time I’m in NYC.

Location: Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st


10. News Corp Building


Even though this building is the massive media empire owned by Rupert Murdock (who I used to work for and have met on several occasions) this building was seen in the movie such as The Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars. I’ve also been in this building back in 2006 to visit a work colleague, he transferred from News Limited in Sydney to News Corp NYC.

Location: 1211 Avenue of the Americas


11. Lotte New York Palace


This hotel has been featured many times in both movies and TV shows. Are you a Gossip Girl fan? This is where the Van der Woodson's apartment was. It has been in the movie 27 Dresses and on other TV shows such as Law & Order, 30 Rock, CSI New York, Lipstick Jungle, White Collar, Will and Grace plus many more. Even Oprah’s Next Chapter was filmed here. It’s a very famous hotel!

Location: 455 Madison Avenue at 50th Street


12. 135 East 57th Street

The 32 story commercial and office building built in 1987 was in Lipstick Jungle and Mr Robot.



13. 8 Hook & Ladder Firehouse

If there's something strange in your neighbourhood Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! This is the famous firehouse from the original movie Ghostbusters back in the 80’s. You can sometimes go in and take a look around if you knock on the door, but I didn’t.


Funny story when I went and saw this place back in 2012 there was a guy there wearing his Ghostbusters top under his jacket. He asked if we could take a photo of him, we said sure! Next thing you know he opens his jacket with the Ghostbusters top on! It was so funny but so great at the same time! (photo below!).

Location: 14 North Moore Street, Tribeca


This is one of the world’s most famous tourist attraction. NYC Times Square is home to so many movies there are too many to list! Movie's that springs to mind are Friends With Benefits and the flash mob scene, New Year's Eve and The Devil Wears Prada… I could go on and on, just like I’m sure you can think of so many different movies too!  

Location: Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway


15. Grand Central Station


Many movies have been shot in this famous landmark like Friends With Benefits, remember ‘Closing Time’ flash mob ending scene? Others include Men in Black, The Taking of Pelham 123, The Switch and the new Arthur to name a few…

Even though this busy station transports many people, it’s a great place to visit even if you are not going anywhere. The building is just beautiful with so much history and really worth seeing!

Location: 42nd Street and Park Avenue


16. Central Park


This park and the side walk that runs down 5th Ave are famous and have been filmed in so many times from so many movies and TV shows such as Sex and The City, Bride Wars, Gossip Girl, Law and Order to name a few because the list is so long! Those who are fortunate enough to live on the Upper East Side with views overlooking Central Park are extremely lucky. Here you will see the locals exercising, nannies walking prams, dog walkers, and other tourists. You can also see The Loeb Boathouse at Central Park where many movies have been filmed think When Harry Met Sally! Here is more information on things to see and do. Here is more information on things to see and do.


17. Tiffany & Co.


Need I say anything more than Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Not really, however, this diamond filled store has been in many movies like Sweet Home Alabama. Sorry, it’s not the greatest photo it was taken back in 2006, my first time in NYC and you will really notice how different it looks today!

Location: 727 5th Ave on the corner of 57th Street


There’s nothing better than a stroll around Manhattan checking out the sights of the awesome happening city. So you could start with these and take it from there…

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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