12 reasons why to eat at Adrift By David Myers - Celebrity Chef in Marina Bay Sands

Adrift By David Myers is a fine dining restaurant where great food meets an NYC feel in the Iconic Singapore landmark Marina Bay Sands.


I love the philosophy the General Manager Gibran Baydoun has which is ‘How does it feel’ when you walk into a room. He’s all about creating the right atmosphere for his clients whilst they dine at Adrift.

So when you walk into Adrift ‘How does it feel?’

There’s a relaxed yet funky happening vibe going on all at the same time which allures you into the room. Picture a happening New York City restaurant meets a relaxed Singapore way of life it’s an interesting combination that might seem odd but it works. 

Everyone we have taken there has loved the food, drinks and great service which is one of the many reasons why we keep going back. I forgot to mention my husband and I are regulars at Adrift so my review comes from multiple dining experiences there over the last few months.



Here are 12 reasons why Adrift is our favourite restaurant in Singapore


1. Great Quality Food that Tastes Fantastic

Our first dining experience was at the bar because the restaurant was full and we couldn’t get in. We were both impressed with the food we decided to take friends back there, and ever since then it’s become our ‘go to’ restaurant. If you like clean, fresh and good quality food that tastes great without being ‘overly rich’ in heavy sauces and flavours then I suggest trying Adrift.


2. Rice crackers they make are so moreish I can’t stop eating them

I’m not sure how they make these ric crackers but they are amazingly good! They come out once you have been seated and placed your order. There so good I’ve been known to order them later in the night after we’ve moved from the restaurant into the bar, they make a perfect snack with our late night drinking at the bar, or should I say early morning?!?



3. Vegetarian options are available

For me trying to find a great restaurant where I can get a few vegetarian options that don’t contain gluten is near impossible in Singapore. I’m in chickpea salad heaven as this dish is sure to please if you looking for a great, healthy and super yummy vegetarian meal.



4. They understand what Gluten Free means and make my meals accordingly

My first time eating in the restaurant I explained to our waiter I was ‘gluten free’ not ‘celiac’ and could he please let the Chef know. Because they understand what this means they adjust all my dish accordingly. Now in most countries these days you say ‘gluten free’ and they understand however in Singapore not so much. This is not a joke as I have asked places in Singapore if the dish is ‘gluten free’ and they have responded with ‘yes mam there’s no dairy in it’?!? So needless to say when I’m eating at Adrift I know I don’t have to worry about getting ‘glutened!’ they will take care of your dietary requirements.


5. The rice cakes are out of this world amazing

My husband and I were both curious about the rice cakes because we were told they were good. Needless to say, they are now a staple we order each and every time (of course the chef’s look after me and make mine GF!).



6. The Desserts are awesome

Everyone we have taken there for dinner has not only loved every dish they have eaten but they have wanted seconds for dessert. This chocolate number is my husband’s favourite which gets ordered every time. Now for us GF people they have good selection of sorbet on offer and I highly recommend the coconut…it’s creamy delicious!



7. They are a mixology Bar

Can’t decide what you want to drink don’t worry the bar staff will sort you out. You can tell the Bar Tenders what you like and they will create a fantastic drink. The martinis are out of this world (both my husband and I are martini snobs) so when we say they are good please take my word on it. Reuban, the head bar tender has this amazing vibrate energy about him making you feel so welcomed at the bar, plus he’s one heck of a great mixologist! Dave is the martini man who makes it just the way my husband and I like. So don’t worry the guys here will take good care of you for all your drinking needs.



8. They stock my favourite Vodka (Chopin)

Ever since I discovered Chopin when I was in Poland a few years ago it’s become my favourite vodka. It’s made from organic potatoes and the taste is so good I drink it straight on ice. This has been the only restaurant in Singapore that I have found which stocks Chopin.


9. The Staff are excellent

Finding great service in hospitality can be difficult at times here in Singapore but at Adrift we don’t have to worry about that. Not only are the staff friendly and helpful, they are switched on, proactive and ready to serve with a smile. It makes for such a nice pleasant change because it makes the night out even more enjoyable. Our waiters have all been excellent and make sure every need is taken care of, from Louis to Mark and to the other fabulous crew they are happy to be serving you.


10. They know how to run a restaurant and look after their regulars

Understanding how a restaurant should run is something Adrift Management excel at. Knowing how important a customer’s experience is, is of the upmost importance to them.

Gibran Baydoun (the GM) wants the guest to enjoy their time therefore the restaurant needs to have the right ambiance about it. And because Gibran used to work in Manhattan he knows how to give it that feeling of warm American hospitality. When you walk into Adrift it’s just like walking into a funky cool NYC restaurant (love it!). 


11. You can see into the kitchen

Being able to see into the kitchen is an added bonus for me. You can see how clean the place is and how the food is prepared. When Chef David Myers lets you see into his kitchen it just goes to show how confident he is in cleanliness and professionalism of his staff.


12. I don’t get sick eating there which is a HUGE FACTOR!

It might seem a little ‘Over The Top’ to say this however if you have been walking in my shoes for the last 4 years I have been living in Singapore, then you would understand why I make this statement. I’m not going into details except I’ll say this, at Adrift I know the next day I will be ok because I don’t have any problems after eating there. For us, the food is a perfect combination of tasting great without being overly rich, yet it’s clean and fresh all at the same time. That’s a huge reason for us to keep going back.


My final thoughts

If you want a place where you can walk in and feel like you are in NYC restaurant with great food, friendly staff with a great vibe then check out Adrift by David Myers. It’s our favourite place to dine in Singapore, I hope you enjoy your time there as much as we do!


Adrift by David Myers

Marina Bay Sands - Hotel Lobby Tower 2

+65 6688 5657


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