12 Different Places to Eat in Barcelona Tapas Bars to Organic & Juice

Updated Feb 2017


I, like 100,000 other people, descend on Barcelona each year around February for the telecoms conference, Mobile World Congress. Whilst my husband works long hours and has endless meetings, I am off on my own little adventure exploring the wonderful city of Barcelona.

I always have lunch on my own and most of the time I attend the business dinners, therefore, I have a very diversified set of places where I eat. I love organic foods and juices but also love the Spanish food so here are 12 different places I have reviewed. Note: I used to eat meat and wheat however now that’s changed so I have some gluten free places for you as well.

I have listed these in no particular order except I’ll say my two favourite places are listed first and last! 


El Nacional – is a MUST when you visit Barcelona! 


This place has a variety of foods all under one massive location. The more casual tapas bars are located in the center of the room where you can sit or stand around. There are also many different restaurant surrounding the tapas bars if you are looking for something a little more substantial to eat. I have been here by myself and also in groups and to be honest it doesn't matter what the situation is. You will find there's always something for everyone and I think it is a “must go to” place when in Barcelona. Note:  Make sure you get in early (before 8pm) or there can be people lining up! It can also be a little tricky to find as it’s down a little alley way off the main street.  

Price Range: depending on where you eat Low to Mid range

Location: Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona, Spain


Ciudad Condal


This is one of the most well known tapas bars in Barcelona and is packed and I mean packed every night of the week!! Get in early otherwise be prepared to line up, everyone goes nuts for this place. I like the food, however, I personally found it a little salty and after being there a few times we now just meet at El-National instead.

Price Range: Mid                                       

Location: Rambla de Catalunya, 18 (Barcelona)




We were a group of four for dinner and we had a fantastic night. There's a large selection of food and alcohol on offer and you can even choose your own fish. Once the place gets a little busy there’s a great ambiance in the room. There's a lot on offer here, so even no meat and wheat people can be taken care of. I ate some fish and sushi which I really enjoyed.

Price Range: Mid to High

Location: Passeig de Gràcia, 53, 08007 Barcelona, Spain


Taverna Basca Irati  


This little tapas bar has become a little regular of ours with a few of the people my husband works with. That being said if you are wheat and meat free, you might find it a little difficult here. It's a great place to check out for a relaxing drink and nibble. You will find this place located in one of the alley ways off Les Rambla. Note: Their restaurant is at the back of the tapas bar.

Price Range: Low to Mid

Location: Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 17, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


La Boqueria Food Market – another MUST when you visit Barcelona


The pizza place ESLICE Pizza located at the back end of the market has amazing pizza where you eat at the stall or take it away. I wish I could still eat the wheat as I miss their pizza. It's really that good please have a slice for me! It’s so good that one of the best chefs in the world eats the pizza there too.

There are tapas bars all around the market but what we do is something a little different. There is wine shop located at the end of the market where we all meet for drinks (there is always a big group of us). The shop lets you get your food from around the market and eat at their place whilst drinking their wines. They have a great selection of wine (3 euro per glass) or you can buy any bottle you like and drink it there (and then if you are like us buy some to take away). We go here every year because the staff are great and it's a very relaxed place to eat and drink while taking in the ambiance of the market.

Price Range: depending on where you eat Low to Mid range

Location: La Rambla, 91, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


La Tramoia Braseria and Tapas


We have eaten here quite a few times and this place is really busy when we are there (which is during Mobile World Congress). The staff don't speak much English but they can be very entertaining!  The food is quite good and there's a huge selection again limited for meat and wheat free options, I normally get their Goats Cheese Salad and wash it down with a few glasses of cava which I enjoy.

Price Range: Mid

Location: Rambla de Catalunya, 15, 08007 Barcelona, Spain


Le Pain (organic food)


Yes, I know I love my Le Pain. I’m an addict but it’s a great casual eatery that doesn’t disappoint.

For my meat and wheat free requirement I’m very happy with the selection of good quality at a very responsible price. This is a place you can enjoy flying solo or with a small group of people if you are looking for a cafe style place with a relaxed vibe. If you are at this end of town around lunch time, then maybe check it out.

Price Range: Low

Location: Carrer d'Aribau, 31, 08011 Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain


Green & Berry


For all your juicing and food needs this place will take care of you! Pop in for a juice, food or desserts, whatever you need they have you covered! Enjoy!

Location:  Enric granados , 153 Bj 08008 Barcelona


Organicsbcn salad store 


This place is ok.  I like that they are organic however, I found my salad a little bland. That being said the staff are friendly and the place can get really busy with the locals. If you are walking past maybe check it out but I wouldn’t go out of my way again to eat there. But if you are someone who will only eat organic food, then this place might be what you are looking for.

Price Range: Low

Location: Plaça d'Urquinaona, 14, 08010 Barcelona, Spain


Bloom (organic food)


For the organic lovers out there this place will not disappoint. However, you’re a little limited if you are meat and wheat free. That being said the staff are so accommodating and the owner is super nice. It's a great little place to check out with a very relaxed but positive happy vibe. I ate there by myself one night and returned with my husband the following night. We both agree the food was great, the service was excellent and we would eat there again.

Price Range: Low to Mid

Location: Carrer d'Aribau, 31, 08011 Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain

Mother Cold Pressed Juices and Food

Unfortunately, I’m sad to report Mother which was one of my favourite juice bars in the world has closed!

Location: c/ Gran Via 700, 08010 Barcelona




I went to Mother to get some juice to discover Satan’s in its place. Between Hubby and I, we tried their coffee, sandwiches, kombucha and juice. All of which were great!

Location: c/ Gran Via 700, 08010 Barcelona


Tast Barcelona


I stumbled across this great little place called Tast (note they are going to change their name soon!). The food here is so yummy, the juices are fantastic and the coffee is great. I left feeling happy and healthy with a very full stomach!

Location: Carrer de la Diputació, 289-291, 08009 Barcelona


Moo at Hotel Omm


Even though this is a Michelin star restaurant our entire group (7 of us) didn't rate this place very highly. The food was average which didn't justify the price! The staff were slow and a little rude, there was a line for the toilet and it took forever to get our food. The wine selection was really good but that's as far as it goes. You might have a different experience however ours was not very good. The only thing I really enjoyed was one of my preferred Champagne’s Franck Bonville which is a really nice drop. All this being said maybe we were there on a bad night because they get ok reviews?  Your experience might be different?

Price Range: High to very High

Location: Carrer Rosellón, 265, 08008 Barcelona, Spain


Barca Del Salamanca  


Down on the water is a huge variety of restaurants to choose from so we took the taxi drivers recommendation, and we weren't disappointed! The food was really good, the paellas were fantastic but note the portions are massive! There were 5 of us and we couldn't get through all the food, so maybe bear that in mind when you are ordering, start with a few dishes and then order more if you think you are still hungry.

Price Range: Mid

Location: Moll del Gregal, 17, 08005 Barcelona, Spain


My Overview of Barcelona

Enjoy your time in Barcelona it’s truly a fantastic city because the Spaniards really know how to live. There are so many great places to eat which is reflected by the amount of tapas bars and restaurants that fill the city. Make sure you check out El Nacional because going to Barcelona without visiting El Nacional is a crime!

Here’s a little Travel Tip for you!

Barcelona has a lot of pick pockets around, therefore, be very careful with your things. They are not going to confront you and rob you to your face, they will however just take your bag if it’s on the table and you turn your head the other way. And if you like your current wallet and don’t want the hassle of replacing your credit cards etc. then I suggest putting it in your front pocket for safe keeping! But don't let this stop you from visiting this incredible city!

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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