Our Tropical Holiday Maldives Trip to Velassaru was Island Paradise


My husband and I travel the world and stay in many different hotels and resorts, so when I am reviewing a resort I am very particular.

Take me back to Velassaru because this resort is a slice of heaven in paradise which you won’t want to leave! Velassaru is in our top 3 favorite holidays ever!


Welcome to Velassaru

We were there for 8 nights and we didn’t want to leave. From the moment we arrived till the day we left everything was taken care of for us. The staff are so friendly, and the resort runs like clockwork, however, there is still a relaxed vibe which resonates around the island. I have personally met the management crew and I can honestly say they are excellent! 


Chill out and relax by the pool or go swimming in the ocean

If you don’t feel like doing much then just chill out by the pool, as you see this is pretty tough to take! 


The Beach Villa with Pool Room

Our room was massive with a view of the ocean with our own private pool, take a look at the picture do I really need to say anymore? We woke up with the sunrise and went running into the ocean for a quick dip before breakfast every morning (makes the hangover go away and you feel amazing afterwards!). The bathroom is massive with both an indoor and outdoor shower. There’s nothing better than showering in the outdoor shower surrounded by nature. 


Food and Restaurants at Velassaru

The fabulous and wonderful Mr. W (Chef) knows how to run a resort and he gets the healthiest freshest food (which a lot of it comes from Australia). He also took care of all my dietary requirements (of which there are many!). We ate at every restaurant and LOVED every meal! And given that I am such a fussy, picky and painful person to please when it comes to food, I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed!  

The buffet breakfast will please any eating type, even the gluten free people will not have any problems. There is a huge variety on offer so don’t worry you will be well taken care of, and all your tea, coffee and even ‘bubbles’ aka sparkling wine or champagne needs as well. 


For a more private romantic dining experience, you can enjoy a few different options which include having dinner out on your own private wharf or the exclusive romantic beach dinner. We did both and loved the romantic setting. It’s another must do on the resort. Don't forget to check out the Teppanyaki restaurant not only is the food fantastic but the chefs are entertaining. You will also see fish below you, and if you are really lucky a sting ray or reef shark. 


Chill Bar

At sunset, you can go to the Chill Bar, enjoy a few drinks and watch the beautiful sky change colour as the day turns into night. During the day you can see the fish play and at night enjoy the fresh ocean smell and you listen to the water sway. The ambiance and vibe are fantastic - I wish I was there right now!


The water is filled with many types of little fish. There are a few small sting rays and reef sharks, however, be warned the trigger fish will always be around somewhere -  sneaky little fish!

Here my husband is swimming with 5 reef sharks as I take photos and videos standing on the jetty. A few minutes prior to this moment after we arrived back from lunch here was our conversation:
I asked my husband “Are there sharks here?”
“No. Why?” he replied
“Well, then why are there 5 sharks in the water then?” I asked
“Out there!” I pointed to the water
“Cool” he says all happy and excited whilst grabbing his mask and snorkel before running into the water.

Other things to do whilst on the resort

Hubby loved the scuba diving he said it was great and the instructors were very good. He also managed to get me on a jet ski (which I nearly tipped over, in the deepest part of the water, where you couldn’t see the bottom, causing me to scream and give myself a massive scare!). That being said in most parts you can see the ocean floor and the crystal clean water is very inviting! The jet ski instructor is very knowledgeable and will take you to see the best places and if you are super lucky you will see the manta rays (which we didn’t get to see).

There is also a spa there which I didn’t get around to visiting however if I get back I will be sure to check out and I’ll give you an updated review. I did however spot a stingray in the water when I walked around the spa area.


The sunsets are incredible and I want to point out I haven't photoshopped this sunset. 


Getting to Velassaru Maldives

There is a direct flight from Singapore that we took. Once we arrived at Male airport we went to the Velassaru desk (where all the other resorts desks are also located). We got on the small private boat over to the island (about 20mins) and enjoyed our refreshing welcoming drink very much! It’s close to the main island which is great because you don’t have to get on another plane (some of the islands are really far away and you need to get a small sea plane to get there). 

My Overview of Velassaru

This calls to mind Guns N' Roses- "Take me back to Paradise Island where the water is clear and the place is amazing…..Oh, won’t you please take me back yeah yeah! Please take me back to Velassaru."

Velassaru Maldives is one of those magical places on earth where you can feel totally relaxed and at one with nature. If you want to unwind and enjoy yourself then I highly recommend checking out Velassaru! 

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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