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We were staying in Amsterdam for a few days for my husband’s work, and thankfully he had a meeting in Utrecht which meant I got to tag along. It was a quick and easy train trip which took about 30 minutes (on the fast train) so I decided to check it out. Note since this post we lived in Utrecht for 6 weeks, blog post below. 

What a beautiful little city I discovered as I wandered around the streets of Utrecht. It’s truly got so much character about it.  I found the locals really friendly as I wandered in and out of shops. I had no map, no idea where anything was, I just wo\andered around and explored. I had about 5 hours to myself so I figured if I stayed within a 5 km radius of the train station I would be ok. The one thing I have learned about travelling over the years is if you get lost you can always get a taxi or directions back to your original destination, so don’t worry too much and just enjoy your surroundings. 


Sights of Utrecht

As you walk around the city you will see the Tower of Utrecht reaching towards the sky, it’s hard not to miss it. There’s the St Martin’s Cathedral and the Pieterskerk Church all of which are within walking distance from the train station.

The canals here are just beautiful much like in Amsterdam. The town isn’t very big but there are so many great shops around the city for fashion, food, furniture and loads of other things as well.


There are furniture stores all through the city which I will share with you in my Creating Spaces Blog soon as I have discovered the Dutch have a great eye for Interior Design and sophisticated style which I really I love.

Super Eko Market Organic Store

I stumbled across this organic store Super Eko Market where I was in organic heaven where I purchased a few items. Firstly, I needed my kombucha fix which thankfully they had a kombucha supply, it’s the same brand I drank in Amsterdam which is nice. Secondly, they have a massive range of products, so you are bound to find most things you are looking for. Lastly, they have Himalayan Salt Lamps which are only € 12.99 (the same size here in Singapore is $103 SGD = €67, yes in Singapore we get ripped off!). So I happily bought my Himalayan Salt Lamp which is now in our bedroom.


Around the train station is a small outdoor market, where the locals sell food, cheese, shoes, clothes and flowers. 


Inside the station, there are lots of different food and coffee shops, and right near the train entrance/exit is a hot potato chips place and they are great! You can choose any topping you like, they hit the spot on a cold day and you may have to line up to get some. They were so good I had to go back for more hot chips in my ice cream cone packaging.

I’m so glad I went and checked out Utrecht, it really is a beautiful city. I wish we had more time there as I think It would be nice to stay there for few days and really immerse ourselves in this city.

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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