Things to Do in Dusseldorf Germany In A Day


Hi Everyone!

While my husband and I were temporarily living in Utrecht we needed to go to Frankfurt for his work. The meeting was on Monday so we decided to leave Utrecht on Friday and spend the weekend in Germany. We’ve been to Frankfurt before so on Saturday we jumped on a train en route to Düsseldorf, here’s what we discovered.

Being well seasoned travelers we know ‘how to see a city in a day’ and make the most of our time there. I’d spent all of 10 minutes researching ‘Things to do and see in Dusseldorf’ and had mapped out my path. I call this blog the ‘circle view of Dusseldorf!'



Königsallee Düsseldorf for Shopping

We walked out of the train station and headed straight for the famous shopping road Königsallee Düsseldorf which locals call ‘Ko’ (it’s the Ave Montaigne of Düsseldorf).  We started at the Galeria end and walked towards Graf Adolf Platz.

On Königsallee you will find all the big brands… As Eddie said in Ab Fab “Names, names, names!” Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier, Miu Miu they are all here and more! If you are looking for a shopping spree, then this is the place to visit.


Schwanenspiegel and Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

From Königsallee we walked past Graf Adolf Platz and made our way to the beautiful pond called Schwanenspiegel. As you can see by my photos it’s nature at her best! You can also see the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen across the water. Here is an art museum if you have time to see their exhibitions.


Rhine River

From Schwanenspiegel the Rhine River is a short walk which we were happy to do. We arrived at the Knie Bridge which stretches over the Rhine and as you can see by my photos the view is pretty great. Slowly we walked along the water and made our way up to Altstadt stopping and smelling the food along the way!



Altes Rathaus Düsseldorf

We wandered in from the water and made our way to Altes Rathaus Düsseldorf. Here you will find lots of tourist taking photos. Then we made our way through the town and stopped off and had a beer at one of (the many) pubs.



Wochenmarkt Carlsplatz Düsseldorf

This is THE market to come and check out, here you will find so much great food and more. The quality of the food is amazing and the flowers are just beautiful! There is a small area at the front where there are a few restaurants. If you want to eat there, then be prepared to line up because the queues are long! But the food smells awesome!



From the markets, we wander back to The Rhine River where the restaurants are and enjoyed some nice fish and baked potato. However, when we ordered or beers (7.50 Euro) the waiter took our 10 Euro and just walked off…change? No. Apparently, he didn’t think we should get our change? Oh well, that’s travelling for you! Ha ha ha  



My Overview of Düsseldorf

It’s a really pretty city as you can see by my photos. The food and beer is great... hello we are in Germany! My only problem I found was with the hospitality side of things the food and beverage were not that friendly to us tourists! That being said the shops on Königsallee are filled with very friendly Germans making you feel very welcomed.


We enjoyed our day trip there and we are glad we got to see the city. Eating and drinking along the Rhine was a great experience, it’s something I always wanted to do! Now that’s checked off the list I will see what’s next to do.

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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