Where to Eat in Den Haag, The Netherlands The 3 Places I Love!


If you missed my post last week Den Haag, The Netherlands What to See in A Day! my post is below, but in the meantime please keep reading to find out where to eat…

My husband and I were doing day trips from Utrecht whilst we living there temporarily in the Netherlands. We loved it some much in Dan Haag we went there twice!

We were loving the food in the Netherlands because it’s fresh, great quality and we are surrounded by Organic/Biologisch/Bio food which I love! I was so happy to be living in a city that understands food is your life!

So I am doing a very quick review of my 3 favourite places to eat in Den Haag.  I enjoyed our eating experiences there I decided I had to do a small blog on it!  


Jamey Bennett

Here’s a place we stumbled across on our wander around town. We sat down for a late lunch and ordered a few drinks. The food was great, the champagne was flowing, the sun was shining and I was a happy girl. Needless to say lunch turned into dinner the food was so good. With that the rest of the review pretty much writes itself but I will say the fresh great quality food was fantastic. We have been back there since our first visit we enjoyed the food so much. The staff are friendly and when the sun is out the place is packed as the locals enjoy the sunshine.

Location: Plaats 11, 2513 AD, Den Haag




Is a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar with amazing sushi and take it from us you will not be disappointed. Don’t be put off by the lack of décor or the fact it doesn’t look fancy because they make up for all that in the quality of their sushi. We couldn’t stop ordering even though we were full, we just wanted to keep eating. That says a lot about how good it was as we are expat who live in Asia, travel to Japan and can tell the difference between the bad and good….let me tell you this was great! Plus, we could tell the locals also love it because the amount of takeaway they pump out is incredible.

Location: Toussaintkade 31, 2513CK Den Haag



Frietwinkel by dapp  

Here is the place to go for a quick bit to eat if you love potatoes (which I do!). They are all Organic/Biologisch/Bio with everything from the fries to the sauces which I love! It’s all about healthier options not only for yourself but for the environment as well (and it also helps those bees we love and need).

I think these are some of the best fries in the world because I can’t stop eating them and thankfully they have a store in Utrecht as well, happy days for my taste buds. You are not left with the greasy oily coasting in your mouth, the oil they use is clean.

The staff here are super friendly and it’s just got a great vibe about the place. So if you are looking for quick, cheap and super yummy snack then I highly recommend this place. I’m really going to miss my Frietwinkle fries!

Location: Korte Poten 23, 2511 EC Den Haag



I’m sure there are hundreds of other great places as well you can eat however these are my favourites (so far). So if you are in Den Haag anytime soon then maybe check these places out.

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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