Den Haag, The Netherlands What to See in A Day!


While my husband and I were temporarily living in Utrecht we made the most of our time in the Netherlands. Sight-seeing on weekends was our main priority so we were doing as many day trips as possible. The other month we got on the train and went on a journey where we discovered Den Haag the capital city which is simply beautiful! We had such a great time we returned the following weekend to check out more of the city (that's why I'm in two different outfits).

We set off walking from Den Haag train station and wandered our way into the city area we were surrounded by beautiful scenery. As I walked through the streets I snapped away taking many pictures of different things I really liked. The great thing about this city is you don’t ‘need a plan’ of what to see, everything is really beautiful. And whilst there is a lot of cultural things you can see, my husband and I just immersed ourselves in the city. 

The Binnenhof is a complex of buildings in the city center of The Hague, next to the Hofvijver lake. It’s beautiful no matter what angle you take a photo from. 


The canals all around the city center are just beautiful. There are people in boats having great times with their friends. The vibe of the city is alive and although ‘The Hague’ doesn’t have the same amount of tourist alluring canals like Amsterdam, but what it does have is its own unique beauty. 


There’s many places you can go shopping in the city, in our experience there was a huge array of different things. There are streets lined with clothing, furniture and art shops to name a few. My husband bought a beautiful Edwin Jagger shaving set and their shaving products whilst we were there. We also stumbled across pockets of funky little areas where you can buy some things for around the house. Or just sit in a crafted mini man made garden area with the bees and enjoying being at one with nature as you watch the world go by…  


The Pier (Scheveningen Pier)

Down by the beach which is about a 20 minute trip on the tram from The Binnenhof is a sea side wonderland called The Pier. Along the beach front, there are so many restaurants to choose from I wouldn’t know where to start, they all look inviting. I think you could spend a few days down there and work your way through all the restaurants. I know I could! 


My husband and I wanted to check out the view from on top of The Pier am I am really glad we did. 

There are also bars and places to eat inside The Pier depending on what you feel like eating. There’s also pinball machines and arcade game if you are an old school gamer (my husband had some fun playing some of those games). You will also find stalls with clothes, food, jewellery and even a stall of marbles (yes marbles). You can sit outside of the pier and enjoy a drink or two with some food whilst the sun is shining and air breeze is flowing, it’s really nice out there. 


As you can see by my picture the view is truly beautiful not only from the top but also from inside. There is something here for everyone of all ages so I you are ever in Den Haag then The Pier is worth a visit.

The Pier Location: Strandweg, 2586 JK, The Hague


My Overview of Den Haag

I have to say it’s got a completely different feel about it compared to Utrecht and Amsterdam don’t get me wrong they are also beautiful cities. The Hague seems to be filled with more locals and expats so you get more of a ‘real feel’ of being in the Netherlands.

Den Haag is also filled with culture and amazing streets lined with really cool shops. The Dutch have so much style and class which you will see when you are there.

The food is great (blog on Food in Dan Haag below) and the people are very friendly making it a great place to visit, I highly recommend checking it out!

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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