The Westin Sydney vs Four Seasons Hotel Sydney reviewed


Every year in January we head back to Sydney, a place we called home for over 10 years, to attend the cricket at the SCG and also get to catch up with our friends. We stay in different hotels around the Sydney CBD because it’s a crazy busy time of the year for everyone. So we find It’s a great place to set up ‘base camp’ in a central location making it easier to see everyone.

This trip back to Sydney we stayed at two different hotels. One was The Four Season Hotel Sydney and the other was The Westin Sydney and although this review is from the beginning of the year it still didn’t change our experience at the time. 


Here's my review of the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney vs The Westin Sydney and what our experience was like. 


Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

I have always wanted to stay in this hotel as I have walked past it hundreds of times. It’s in a great location down by the magnificent Sydney Harbour which also leads into The Rocks area. Friends and family have stayed here over the years and I have assumed it was a nice hotel.  But my assumptions soon turned south when the reality of our stay began which lead me to believe not all is as good as it seems. 


I was so disappointed for so many reasons that I wish we hadn’t stayed there. That way my illusion of the hotel wouldn’t be tainted with the reality in what we experienced.

Open arrival we drove into the foyer (we had a hire care) the staff stood around and did nothing as we unloaded our luggage? To add insult to injury the check in took forever, all in all, we were not off to a good start.

We got to our room and started to unpack only to find the safe in our room wasn’t working. We had just driven for 7 hours in holiday traffic and were not in the mood to have housekeeping come and deal with it. We were tired, hungry and in need of a shower so we just ignored that problem and locked things in our suitcase.

During the night the air conditioning stopped working, we woke up hot and sweaty! And to top it off as you can see by my photo’s the bed was so soft, I was sinking into the mattress. Both my husband and I had sore backs and necks the next day, in the end, we had to change rooms. On the upside the rooms are clean, however, the bathrooms are small but have nice bath products.


I spoke to management and told them the problems we were having and I politely declined the free bottle of sparkling wine they offered for our troubles (I don’t believe in accepting free drinks to make up for bad service as this can encourage people to complain just to get ‘free’ things!).

Upon our departure again the staff didn’t help us load our things into the taxi, they just stood there watching us loading our 2 suitcases, 2 sets of golf clubs and our carry-on luggage while they slowly walked away - one by one!

Over all I don’t recommend this hotel, our experience was not good, the only thing going for this hotel is the location and Grain Bar next door. Maybe you will have a different experience to our stay, the choice is up to you? But don’t say you weren’t warned…



Westin Sydney

My husband is a Starwood Hotels SPG gold member, therefore we generally choose Starwood hotels, they have excellent customer service worldwide and know how to run hotels!

The Westin Sydney hotel is just heaven and we love staying here as it’s a very inviting hotel. We have always had great experiences here over the years and this hotel hasn’t let us down yet! We both agree this is one of our favorite hotels (globally) and it makes us feel like we are on holidays.

The newer wing


There are always staff at the foyer of the hotel to help us with our luggage, and always offer to take it to our room - you know the way a hotel is meant to treat their guests (Four Seasons take note!).  

The rooms we stay in are huge, the bathrooms are massive, and the bed is a little slice of heaven! The room is so comfortable you can just lie around in the bed watching TV and really let yourself have some R&R time. Or if you want to relax in the bath and watch TV you can do that too! Don’t worry there are speakers in the bathroom, you don’t need to have supersonic hearing.

The only thing I can fault is how long it took the check in one time, we waited nearly 20 minutes (which is very unlike a Starwood hotel). There was a group of four in front of us trying to sort out their bill and at the time there was only one staff member at the check in/check out area which is why it took so long.

The Heritage Wing older rooms


And for a pick-me-up (depending on your jetlag requirements) you can either order in a nice relaxing cup of tea from Westin Sleep Well Menu, or grab an awesome coffee from Two Penny Blue located at the front of the hotel to the left hand side.


You are meters away from Pitt Street Mall where you will find many shops and the big Westfield Shopping Mall (Shopping and eating at Westfield Sydney CBD blog coming soon).

All in all, we love The Westin Sydney it’s truly a relaxing and enjoyable stay. We have travelled the world and stayed in all types of hotel and resorts and when I give a hotel a huge thumb’s up it says a lot about how good a hotel really is. So I hope you enjoy The Westin as much as we do…..I am sure they will take great care of you! 

Until next time I travel, I see, I share... This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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