Legoland Malaysia Theme Park and Hotel a Great Time for Everyone


This blog is a little left field from my normal ‘globetrotting’ posts because I don’t normally go to Adventure Theme Parks for children. However, my cousin was visiting from Adelaide the other month and had organised a tour through her work. We were not sure what to expect but we were intrigued to find out what it would be like to bring out our inner child side, so off we went to Legoland in Malaysia and here’s what we experienced.


For all you thrill seekers that think a one day pass is not enough, fear not Legoland Malaysia is conveniently located next to the Legoland Hotel.

LegoLand Hotel


Before we entered Legoland theme park we met one of the managers who took us on a small tour around the Legoland hotel. All the rooms, foyer and hotel are theme designed as you can see by my photos. I thought it was pretty cool the way they have designed the hotel. 

The Guest rooms have been designed with separate Lego themes which are aimed for all you Lego enthusiasts out there who want the full Legoland experience. The rooms are a very good size which can accommodate up to a family of 5 in one room and still allow them to be very comfortable during their stay. The bunk beds are separate from the main bedroom allowing parents to still have a little privacy whilst knowing their children are in the adjacent room.  


The Bricks Family Restaurant functions as the breakfast, lunch and dinner area with several food options available. I asked management if they can accommodate for food allergies and they are able to do so. 


LegoLand Theme Park 

Now when it comes to the theme park I’m not a very daring person, that being said I decided to get my adventurous side out for the day. Both my cousin and I started on the mini roller coaster which then led to the ‘daring side of me’ to come out and attempt the big bad roller coaster which is called ‘The Dragon coaster!’ As you can see from the photo below, I was screaming but at the same time, it was exhilarating!! It was the little shove I needed to remember to push yourself and not be scared, still to this day I’m so glad I did it! 


The great thing about Legoland Malaysia is there are no massive queues to get on rides, therefore you can get more value for money when it comes to utilising your time (unlike Universal Studios Sentosa Singapore). My cousin was busy riding on most of the rides and because the line ups were short she did some of the rides a few times over. Note: on the baby plane ride I think she’s snapchatting! 


Star Wars Legoland

Personally, I loved the Legoland Star Wars movie and extensive Lego display. If you have watched the first 3 original Star Wars movies, then trust me this movie is worth watching. From memory, it goes for about 5 minutes. From there you can walk through the different scene’s they have created out of Lego which is really cool. As you can see by my pictures they have done a really great job. There are also buttons you can press and the scene comes to life. 


Legoland characters 

As you walk around the park you will see heaps of different Lego characters and animals made up of thousands upon thousands of Lego pieces. 


Miniland in legoland

One of the highlights at Legoland is the area called ‘Miniland’ where they have created famous landmarks out of Lego of Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries. The pictures don’t do it justice when you see it in person you can really see the attention to detail which is just incredible. 


My Overview of Legoland Malaysia

I’m not normally a ‘big kid’ however there’s something about Legoland which brings out the inner child in me. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect however I couldn’t believe what a great time I had and how quickly the day flew by! We were disappointed we didn’t have enough time to try out the water park.

There is so much for the kids to see and do they will be entertained the entire time! The staff are really friendly and helpful as well making the experience even more pleasant.

I saw people smiling, children playing and having fun, there was just a very relaxed but friendly vibe around the theme park. Like I said we didn’t even get time to go to the water park which is a shame because I think that would have been fun. My cousin and I enjoyed my time there we were busy laughing and get thrilled on roller coaster rides.

There are many different eating facilities around the grounds giving you a varied selection of food. However, that being said please note if you are meat and wheat free like me your choices will be limited. 


Getting to and from Legoland from Singapore

When purchasing your Legoland ticket, return bus transfers from Singapore are included in the pricing. Departures leave in the morning from The Singapore Flyer (every taxi in Singapore knows how to get there). The only downside is how long it can take to get through Singapore Customs. That being said the bus tour company get you from point A to point B with no problems.


I would say you need two days at Legoland because you can’t possibly do it all in one day. Therefore, it makes it a great family getaway for a few days. There’s so much to see and do when you enter the world of Legoland!

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