The Nordic New Modern Occasional Chairs with a Funky Edge


Hey everyone I hope you are having an awesome day!

I know this post isn’t a traditional ‘interior design’ post however, I feel this chair needs its voice heard. So I wanted to do a little micro blog on this chair because I thought it was worth showing.

Going back a few months now I was walking down one of the street in Amsterdam and this funky occasional chair in the window of Nordic New just popped out at me! At first, I just keep walking but my brain was saying stop! Go back! So I did and took some photos. 

It comes in two different colours, cream and navy, and the patterns on each of them are also different. My personal preference is the cream one in the window. However, the upside to the navy is you don’t see the wear and tear as much if you spill something on it (know what I mean?). It also comes down to your current colour scheme and what type of look you are trying to achieve. 


This ‘feature chair’ would make a great piece of living room furniture to add a little bit of a wow factor to the corner of the room or as an extra seat near the lounge.

So if you are in the market looking for a chair then maybe this is something you might like to consider? They ship to other countries so you can contact them. 



Note: I have nothing to do with this company and do not receive commission etc. I’m just sharing what I saw and really liked.

I never know what I might find on my travelling adventures, but if something is calling me I feel the need to share, which I why I blogged about the chair.  

Until next time see it, love it, create it! This is Character 32 doing her best to help you!


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