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Hello and welcome everyone to my Creating Spaces Blog! 

I love seeing great ‘spaces’ that have been transformed which I find inspiring whether it’s a home, shop, hotel or resort there re no rules when it comes to ‘creative spaces’.

For me growing up I was always rearranging my room, even though we moved constantly as I needed to allow my inner senses the ability to create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing whilst being relaxing and comfortable all at the same time.

I started working the tools and transforming my first big project back in 2007, when I revamped our run down old warehouse apartment. I learnt as I went and used my father’s knowledge which helped me transform our warehouse into an amazing space.

Since then I have done a major renovation on our old Sydney terrace, which was an 18-month nightmare. I swear our terrace was trying out for the remark of ‘The Money Pit’ 80’s movie! This quaint little house became an absolute nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. Between both adjoining neighbours damaging our property with their burst water pipes and roofing issues to our constant stream of never ending problems of water mains, sewer lines, electrical wiring, roof, structural repairs and everything else imaginable. How it passed a building inspection is beyond me?! However, I now know a thing or two more about renovating which in hindsight has turned out to be very valuable information. Since then I have passed on and shared my insight with family and friends when helping them with their transformations.

Now that the ‘decadal era’ of interior design is over, we have the freedom to embrace our own personal tastes so we can create and transform to suit our choices. It allows us that creative edge to embrace our inner imagination when revamping our surroundings. 

My blog is here for inspiration and to help you visualize what could be your next project in the making. I’ll share my DIY knowledge plus, you will see pieces of art, furniture, and designs from around the world which I see when I’m on my Globetrotting adventures (Character 32 Globetrotter Blog).

So as I am inspired you’ll see it here, and together we will find your ‘zen surroundings’. Let’s have some fun and let our imaginations run wild we as we create, revamp, transform and turn your creative space into a reality.

Until next time, see it, love it, create it! This is Character 32 doing her best to help you! 


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