About Character 32

I’m a curious little thing who believe knowledge is power, the yin yang balance surrounds us and determination is a great character strength to have.

Socially speaking I enjoy tennis, cycling, golf and have a passion for horses and riding. Roller skating whilst listening to 80’s music is how I like to unwind - ‘Flashback to the 80’s!’.

I endured a great deal of anguish growing up and take solace knowing it didn’t beat me. Today I’m a strong, determined and capable woman who learned through adversity. I’m often the ‘go-to' girl as friends seek my advice on an array of matters from fashion, health, and relationships to renovations and travel tips.

Working and studying 7 days a week after leaving high school at 16, I obtained my Diploma in Beauty Therapy and certificates in Nail Technology, Aromatherapy, Massage, Make-up Artistry and Technology, Practical Public Relations, Business Administration and Hospitality (In-flight Service). I did this regardless of the 9 different primary schools over 2 states hindering my learning (with no one picking up I'm slightly dyslexic!!).

My first part time job at the local video store started when I was 12. Since then I’ve job hopped between fashion, retail, hairdressing, hospitality and beauty. I’ve EA/PA/Office administrated in Telecommunications, Gaming and Media between Finance, HR, Corporate Affairs, Event Management and supported a CEO. My Manolo’s and Jimmy Choo’s got sidelined when I started renovating properties.

My life as corporate executive wife allows me to catch up with friends aboard, accompany my husband for his work commitments and travel the world, which I have been doing since 2004. Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, USA and Netherlands (briefly), Singapore and London, where we reside now, are places I’ve called home. 

Curiosity due to personal health issues and those around me has lead me to discover the 'Big 3’ stresses, Emotional, Physical and Environmental. These factors are the core to overall health and happiness and knowing the ‘trigger factors’ are key.

My broad knowledge on multiple subject matters has allowed me to share my insight, help people and ‘pay it forward’.  Until next time this is Character 32 doing her best to help you!

Character 32 Definition

1.  A diverse collaboration of multiple subject matters requiring a blank name to cover all aspects. In order to define a unique signature a broader scope of reference is required.

2. In ASCII a common computer and internet format, Character 32 represents ‘space’. In business ‘white space’ references working in an area with no other competitors, therefore Character 32 is a diversified form of ‘white space’ in the online world.

3. Chinese Philosophy ‘yin yang’ is represented in the number 32. The odd and even achieves balance when opposites attract.

This is how Character 32 was born.